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The Late Greats A Mixtape. Otherwise it is like a B B King Guitar Greats the BBC Interview Guitar Greats The BBC Interviews is the key book of Scotty.
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It sounds like The Cranberries found some kind of closure in this last record. Hopefully fans will, too. On her third record, Aldous Harding combines the gothic folk of her self-titled debut with the dramatically intimate tones of her follow-up album Party. The New Zealand artist seems to derive a particular glee from unsettling her audience. At an age where the pressure is on to have everything worked out, Harding sounds delightfully free. Her whispering, spectral delivery and deeply personal lyrics are the key to this.

N I P S E Y H U S S L E Tribute Mix by DJ Noize - A mixtape in honor of a Hip Hop legend - R.I.P.

Throughout, Collard exhibits his extraordinary voice, which swoops to a devilishly low murmur or soars to an ecstatic falsetto. Dedicated covers the full, but generic, spectrum of relationships: dizzying love, lust, and break-ups. It is the perfect upbeat end to an album of polished pop. Perhaps this will put her at the top where she belongs. The production here is superb. But it was worth the wait. A track masterpiece, the album features the likes of Anderson. Paak, Little Dragon, David Lynch, and Solange, and serves up a hot, textural mix of hip-hop, psychedelia, funk, soul, jazz and electro.

Ellie Harrison. Instead, his cold grime sonics are rendered down to their no-frills essentials — brutalist blocks of sad angular melodies and hard, spacious drums. The result is a quintessentially London record, as dark and moody as it is brash and innovative. Bruce Springsteen seems to have told almost every tale in the grand old storybook of American mythologies, except perhaps one: a wide-eyed Californian dreamer finds the Golden State turns sour and flees back east, to some romantic speck of a town, to pine and rehabilitate.

Where most rock superstars sink into trad tedium by 69, Springsteen is still crafting sophisticated paeans of depth and illumination, a rock grandmaster worthy of the accolade. A must-have for anyone who has a heart. A revolving door of female vocalists A-listers, indie darlings like Angel Olsen and unsung songwriters deliver heartbroken lines over big, shiny beats and synths.

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It's a style that makes fans of vintage engineering wince, but snags the ear like a fishhook. And those quicksilver hooks just keep coming. A cornucopia of instrumentation is woven into its brisk minute yarn. Help Us Stranger has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. Philippe Zdar — one half of the French duo Cassius and producer for the likes of MC Solaar and Phoenix — helps the band reconcile their house and hip-hop influences. The record frequently switches in tone: Banks can be both formidable and vulnerable, accusatory or filled with regret.

The way she has structured this record takes the listener through the complicated yet nuanced emotions of a woman who has recently learnt to accept everything she feels. She embraces her pain, and as a consequence is able to let it go. Roisin O"Connor. By the end of all that, you feel like they deserve a pint. Frontman Corey Taylor, who had just emerged from a toxic relationship when recording this album, addresses feelings of belittlement and inadequacy with unflinching honesty and some of his best vocal work in years.

Critics may question how relevant Slipknot are in The overarching sound, production and instrumentation on Eve are outstanding. This is precisely what Rapsody has done — in the most resonant way possible.

Swift has a habit of putting her worst foot forward. Thank goodness that the rest of the album is nothing like that. Where Black America Again was notable for its sharp, observational urgency, Let Love feels far more personal, and softer in tone. This is Del Rey at her most assertive — personally, if not politically. But it is gratifying to hear her take control. Maybe Nas never really lost it, but The Lost Tapes II sounds like an artist rediscovering his love for hip hop in the most joyous and satisfying way. It feels a lot like a third coming. The latter is a wide-eyed, strings-laden gem, its childlike, questing lyrics poignant whatever your age.

Just as the preceding art installation invited viewers to enter its vast head of LED lights and wonder, this album does the same.

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Given our current preoccupation with the Eighties, you could argue that Lost Girls is hardly breaking new ground — and yes, nostalgia is a fairly generic formula. But listened to as a whole, the album positively thrums with sonic invention, managing to feel both fresh and full of intrigue. Khan once again demonstrates a knack for uncanny storytelling.

Wilco (The Mixtape). Your Essential Wilco Tracks.

Three of her past albums have been nominated for Mercurys; expect this to make it four. MUNA might not be a household name yet, but their influence runs through the charts like a stick of rock these days. Yet for all its darkness, Beneath the Eyrie is brimming with the kind of melody that we expect from these indie-rock giants from the late Eighties. But where the Nordic Music Prize-winning Blood Bitch was packed with visceral imagery and disarming sonics, the themes of The Practice of Love are encased in a warm cocoon of poetry, blissed-out circling synths and trance-like Nineties beats.

Take the title track, whose spoken-word monologue morphs into a recorded conversation in which a woman discusses how childlessness in her late thirties affects her place in society, over the sparsest electronica. This is Metronomy at their most ambitious and pleasurably weird. Adam White. Listening on headphones, I was reminded of the late French designer Janet Laverriere.

Born in , she was still a powerful, playful force when I interviewed her for this paper in her eighties. In kitchens, in bathrooms, I am feminist, evidemment! There are sax solos more than one , and pounding rhythms that make you want to jump in a car and drive down a highway at sunset, and blistering electric guitars next to classic troubadour acoustics. Why Me? Why Not. But what lovely ripples it makes. Alex Pollard. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists.

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Ninety-five films from 65 different countries are being considered for nomination in the category. The mystical and visually striking movie, which premiered at the Urban World Festival in NYC last year, tells the story of two brothers through the eyes of its young protagonist Esi , played by Cynthia Dankwa. The film takes viewers on a surreal journey exploring family bonds and the complexity of life and death.

We never get a chance to break down our people," the director told OkayAfrica in an in-depth interview last year. The hardest thing to do is humanize a people that has little history in cinema. Hopefully this film brings father and daughter closer, especially back home. J Hus is back.

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The songs sees J Hus going in over a bass-heavy production from frequent collaboration JAE5 , who oversaw production on the London rapper's highly-acclaimed debut album Common Sense. The track follows J Hus as he raps about being guilty by association in his staple laidback flow. Frontwoman Lesley Woods of the British post-punk outfit Au Pairs singlehandedly lead the Riot Grrrl movement more than a decade before the movement was actually recognized with her gender-bending lyrics and outspoken feminism. An indie-rock mixtape for the post-love song soundscape. You might also like Looking beyond the summer blockbusters.

Romance does exist in rap music tracks. Project Happiness tries to answer big questions.